For Those We Lost

Sam in Arizona

September 01, 2021 Jennifer Sullivan Season 1 Episode 4
For Those We Lost
Sam in Arizona
Show Notes

Episode 4. Sam in Arizona

Sam lost her father last September to COVID and she shares her story with us in this episode. Her father spent 64 days in a hospital ICU and the experience Sam had with the hospital, the video calls and the lack of control led her to raise money to purchase tablets for her local hospitals and eventually to found a non-profit that focuses on family centered, holistic care. 

Sam opens up about so much in this episode, her walk through grief, she speaks from her nursing experience and she emphasizes the importance of treating the entire person (their faith, their family, their health and their values) during their care.

You can learn more about her non-profit here:

You can reach her directly at

For context on this interview and the ever-changing pandemic, we recorded this episode on July 12, 2021.

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